EV Micro Companies Growth Fund delivers strong returns in its first year

The EV Micro Companies Growth Fund was launched on October 1, 2020 and delivered a net return of 36.7% in the first year since its inception. The fund invests in undiscovered listed micro-cap companies with exceptional long-term growth prospects. With a focus on four megatrends and taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations, the companies in the portfolio have a major impact on society.

Portfolio manager Dirk Verbiesen: “The fund got off to a great start with a fund size of € 17 million. The portfolio is well diversified, the companies are attractively valued and each uniquely positioned to grow strongly in the coming years. The fund’s portfolio currently consists of 17 companies with a wide range of business activities ranging from battery technology for electric vehicles, preparation of patient-specific medication, production of laser communication systems for satellites to data analytics software. We foresee an average upside share price potential for the companies in the portfolio of over 80%.”

Profile EV Micro Companies Growth Fund

The fund invests in shares of listed companies with a small market capitalization of up to € 500 million, with a focus on Dutch, Belgian and German companies. The fund consists of a concentrated ‘long-only’ equity portfolio of up to 20 positions. The fund will preferably invest in companies that offer attractive growth potential for the long term and will explicitly look at so-called megatrends: Connected World & Industry 4.0, Smart Mobility, Energy Transition & Climate and Health & Wellbeing. These are trends that have a major impact on society and are visible in developments in the field of technology, demography and ecology. The fund manager believes these long-term trends are less sensitive to the influence of the economic cycle. The objective is to achieve an average net return in the long term of at least 10% per year.

Profile EV Smaller Companies Fund

The fund is a long/short equity fund, with a focus on Dutch, Belgian and German companies, which is actively managed and whereby the combination of long and short investments allows the portfolio to have a risk profile which lies substantially below that of the market. The fund invests primarily in smaller quoted companies with a market capitalization of between € 500 million to € 5 billion. The aim of the fund is to achieve the best possible return at a risk that is significantly lower than the market risk and aims for an average net return in the medium term of 8% per year.

Profile EValuation Capital Management

EValuation Capital Management is the fund manager of both funds and is supervised by the Financial Markets Authority and Dutch Central Bank. It has an experienced investment team which, in addition to the founders Charles Estourgie and Willem de Vlugt, consists of Patrick de Pont, Nils ten Berg, Henri-Jan Staal and Dirk Verbiesen. The team of six investment professionals has more than 100 years of combined experience in investing in smaller publicly traded companies. The total assets under management amount to € 180 million. Both funds count family offices, high net worth individuals and specialized asset managers among its participants. The team participates in both funds.

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