Connectivity for the skies and beyond

About the company

The demand for fast internet is still growing strongly and there is an increasing need to also provide remote areas with access to the internet. The easiest (and most economical) way to reach these inaccessible areas is via a network of satellites. The communication with and between these satellites is fastest via lasers, which is Mynaric’s area of expertise.

Connected World & Industry 4.0
Laser communication

Why we invest in the company

Mynaric wants to become the leading supplier of laser communication systems. It mainly focuses on clients that are/will become active with networks consisting of thousands of commercial telecommunications satellites. To make them run efficiently, standardization and serial production of these products is needed. To date, Mynaric is the only player in the market that can offer a standardized product on a large scale. Mynaric is ideally positioned to play a leading role. In the coming years many thousands of satellites will be needed for a worldwide network.